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A little about Jazz music

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A little about Jazz music

Are you in a restaurant at this moment? Are you listening any soft music there? Is this music encouraging you to dance with your partner? I am sure that it might be Jazz music. Surprised with my guessing power? It is simple in most of the restaurants you will hear Jazz music. It is true not only for restaurants but also for pubs. So let’s know what is Jazz music?

What is Jazz music?

In the early of twentieth century, some people from Southern United States originated this music. Most of these people were from African American Communities. Within a short time, this new version became popular in all over the America. In Jazz song they used different types of African and American musical elements as well as European harmony. At first there was heavy use of polyrhythm, improvisation, swung note and syncopation in jazz music. Although jazz music was very popular in United States first but within a short time it became popular in all over the world. So now it is enriching it’s different forms, mixing with different national, local and regional musical cultures. But this genre of music is very popular in restaurants and pubs and this case is same in all over the world. Most of the restaurants play jazz music and even some of the restaurants and pubs hire famous and popular jazz singers to attract customers. Till today, we got some famous jazz singers and let’s have a look on some of the famous jazz singers.

  • Jazz singers:

Jazz singers are known as jazz vocalists. Till now, world got some famous and talented jazz vocalists. It is really difficult to introduce all of them here but we are trying to introduce some of the jazz vocalists here.

1890 to 1910:

This is the early stage of Jazz music and this is the time when jazz music was in developing stage. Scott Joplin was the most famous and talented Jazz vocalist in this time. Some of the popular singers recorded their released albums in Jazz style again to get more popularity.W.C. Handy is one of those singers. In 1915, for the first time world got first Jazz works in print. This is the starting of a history and a new journey of jazz. “Jelly Roll Blues” was the first jazz works which was published by Morton.
  • The jazz age:

1920s to 1930s is known as the Jazz age and for the first time world got some talented jazz vocalists. In this time, media also started to recognize jazz music and this is the time when jazz got the chance to enter into the elite class of US societies. Louis Armstrong was the most famous and talented jazz vocalists at that moment. Jelly Roll Morton was another popular jazz vocalist at that moment. Although they started their career from Pubs and restaurants but within a short time they joined in different popular dance groups and bands by their talent in Jazz. In this time we got some more talented jazz vocalists but these two are the pioneer for all of them.

1940s to 1950s:

In this age United States introduced another popular Jazz vocalist to the world. The name of this Jazz vocalist was Duke Ellington and his music transcended the bounds of bridging jazz, art and swing music in a natural synthesis. As a vocalist Ellington loved to call his music as American music. So this is the time when jazz music got another name and a new shape. This form of jazz music was popular also.

1940s and 1950s:

In these ten years Jazz got some new shape and still they were popular. Some of the jazz vocalists started to change some of the danceable jazz music to musician’s music. It was really challenging and they passed in this challenging exam. So this time jazz music got another new shape. In this age there were few famous and talented jazz vocalists but Earl Hines and Thelonious Monk was the pioneer for all. They simply took the challenge to shift danceable jazz music to musician’s music.

This is the history and these are the pioneers for the origin and development of Jazz music. But day by day some more musical elements, forms and shapes were added in jazz music. As culture or music is always changeable so obviously within next 30 to 50 years we will experience some more changes of jazz music.

Jazz in Restaurants and Pubs:

Believe me; you will get Jazz pubs and restaurants in all of the large cities of all over the world. Although Jazz started from USA but now it is even popular in Asia also. It is proved that restaurants and pubs with Jazz attract more customers than an ordinary one. In some of the large cities, citizens celebrate jazz festival and jazz music week. As Jazz is a danceable music so it is the perfect one to play in pubs and restaurants. It encourages the clients to dance with their partners in pubs. At the same time, it is an attractive music for parties also.

Where to get Jazz music?

So want to collect some of the jazz music? Want to experience the famous jazz vocalists? Don’t worry as if you don’t have the ability to attend the show of any famous jazz vocalists but still you have the chance to experience jazz. You just need to go to the search engines through internet and search. There are lots of websites where you will get the Jazz music from famous jazz vocalists. Moreover most of these sites are not pirated and that is why it is legal to experience jazz music from these sites.

Frankly, it is really difficult to introduce Jazz music within a short article. Moreover the history of Jazz is really attractive and it is enrich with lots of things. So if you really want to know more about Jazz then it is better to have little research by yourself through internet on Jazz.

Restaurants for Corporate events and meeting

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Restaurants for Corporate events and meeting

Are you planning to arrange a party or board meeting? Do you have any plan to arrange an attractive corporate event for your company? Are you worried about the venue of that party? Don’t worry as here I am going to give you some tips about arranging corporate events in restaurants.

So actually what types of corporate events can be arranged in restaurants? At present, it is really easy to arrange different types of corporate events in restaurants. Some of the restaurants are designed in such a way so that anyone can arrange any type of corporate events in the restaurants. These types of restaurants are available at each and every city of all over the world. You can arrange any type or corporate event as like as Board meeting, share holder’s meeting, client meeting etc. At the same time, if you are planning to arrange a party for your employers to enjoy any success of your company then it is better to select a restaurant as your food and venue provider. It will reduce your work load and you don’t need to worry about the hospitality and food preparation. Moreover if you arrange the party in a restaurant then you don’t need to think about the food and decoration for the party. You just need to confirm the booking and they will deal with the decoration and food arrangement. But the fact is you are not allowed to bring foods from outside so it is better to check the recipe before the confirmation. There are different types of restaurants as like as Chinese restaurants, Thai restaurants, Fast food etc. In Europe, some of the Indian and Asian restaurants are famous for these types of corporate events. Again in USA, Chinese and European restaurants are famous for this type of corporate event. But this selection process also depends on the type of your company and party. It is really annoying to arrange a board meeting in a fast food corner. But a restaurant with calm environment and large space is perfect to arrange a board meeting. The most important thing is to check the price of their food items with your budgets so that you can cover all perfectly. Obviously I don’t need to say a lot about this as a perfect leader or executive knows it well. Yes, obviously you are allowed to select your desired food recipe in your desired type of restaurant. This food menu depends on the type of corporate event. Obviously it is not better to arrange a piece of sandwich only in a party of your company’s share holders. You must need to arrange something heavy in that meeting. Again, if it is just a board meeting then most of the board members don’t love to take heavy foods in such type of meeting. So it is better to arrange light food in a board meeting. So are you confused with the recipe? Let’s discuss more about the food recipe for corporate events.

If you have enough budgets then you may arrange buffet service at your corporate event place. You may contact with the restaurant authority and set the menu for the buffet. Actually buffet menu depends on your budget and you may arrange vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items in your buffet set. It will help both types of clients to select their desired item. Frankly it is the best solution about the recipe for a corporate party. But obviously the scenario is not same always. You may not have that much budgets but at that moment you have to find out best solution also. You may set few items within your budget. But again don’t forget to keep vegetarian and non-vegetarian items both for your clients. If you are planning to arrange a board meeting then you have to care about the hospitality of the restaurants as well as recipe. In most of the cases, restaurants offer high-class hospitality for these types of exclusive corporate event. Here you may arrange light foods as like as sandwich, burger, cookies and light drinks with fresh water. You may keep ice-cream at the end. If it is a friendly re-union of your employer then you have to think little difficult. Normally in these types of corporate events you don’t need to keep any session for speeches or for other official discussion. But you must need to select a restaurant with enough space for your party. Again, buffet service is essential for this type of corporate party with vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Little hard-drinks are also essential for these types of parties.

At the same time, you need to care about the parking facilities also.

Some of the restaurants are really famous for their food quality and hospitality but they fail to provide enough parking spaces for their clients. So don’t forget to think about the parking spaces before selecting a restaurant for any corporate event.

The final but most important thing is to select a restaurant within a perfect location. If it is really very far from your office then it is not better to arrange a corporate party in that restaurant. But if your office is out of the city and if you are planning to arrange the party at night then select a restaurant within the center of the city. It will be better for your guest to attend your party on time. Here these are just only few suggestions but not mandatory. As a leader, you have to choose your own path after checking the real conditions and you may take some help from our suggestions.

A simplistic perspective of taxation

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A simplistic perspective of taxation

Taxation is a crucial part which needs lot of attention in any business. Understanding the basic concepts of tax is hence important. The major components will be tax invoices and information about GST.

A tax invoice is a document that is issued by the supplier which states the price of the sale of goods or services. It also includes the GST (goods and services tax) amount if applicable to the sale. GST is nothing but the percentage of tax that is levied by the government on the consumers on purchase or usage of retail goods and services. Any business which has an annual turnover of 75000 $ will have to be registered for GST. For any businesses with lesser turnover GST registration is optional. This will save their earnings. GST cannot be reclaimed. So it is important to get complete information and then registering for GST. Any transaction which has a sale amount of 82.5$ including GST is taxable and a tax invoice must be issued for the same. To register for the GST the supplier will mandatorily need an ABN. If they do not have it they can apply for both GST and ABN through ATO. Every industry will have its own set of regulations for applying GST. The supplier must be aware of the same and has to be transact keeping the rules in mind. This info also to be used in tax return Sydney CBD.

Items to be included:

  • ABN and the details of the vendor.
  • Date on which tax invoice was issued and what was sold in terms of quantity and price.
  • Taxable amount of each item. If the purchase is more than 1000$ then purchaser’s details are required to be mentioned.

Ideally the supplier is expected to mention all the details while issuing the tax invoices. But if under reasonable and unavoidable circumstances the supplier is unable to provide all the details then ATO can be contacted and consulted. If the supplier has certain credit limit with GST without tax invoice details, ATO has to be informed and explained. They will further advise on the situation.

Once a tax invoice is issued it is legally expected from the supplier to maintain it in their records. It will be useful for claiming. Once the claims are done then the supplier has to preserve them for at least a span of 5 years. A tax invoice is an important document and it is better suggested to preserve them for business purposes. Add this amount without GST in your tax return Sydney.

Accounting of GST:

A supplier has to choose an accounting method for GST related transactions. The modes are cash and non-cash basis. The small food retailers have simplified methods of accounting. They can make use of this option. Larger businesses will have to choose the non-cash mode. A supplier must keep track of all the GST related transactions accurately. Failing to pay or manage the same will result in heavy penalties from the government. Smaller businesses also have the option of paying the GST either in instalment basis or on a quarterly basis. This is to assist and motivate small business and they must make use of this option. This will simplify their accounting as well. If the GST actually collected is varying from the GST claim amount then the supplier will have to send an activity statement stating the reason for the difference to ATO.

GST credit:

Any supplier who has registered for GST is entitled to GST credit. The purpose of the sale must be purely for business sake. The items that are sold must be eligible for GST. Depending on the size and nature of business GST credit is allocated. For any further information the supplier can contact ATO. If the supplier is setting up a new company or is purchasing used goods then special regulations will imply for the same.

GST returns:

The supplier will have to pay the GST amount to ATO. All the taxes must be reported and paid by the supplier. The GST credit can be reclaimed by filing a return. Before the end of the reporting period the ATO will issue a GST filing statement two weeks in advance. The dates for filing and reporting will be mentioned on the statement. The supplier will have to fill the same and send it. Generally this is done on a quarterly basis. But paying GST amount at the discretion of the supplier’s convenience whether they want pay it quarterly, monthly or annually. Smaller businesses with turnover less than 2 million can opt to pay in instalments as well. Any errors while reporting the same has to be corrected as soon as possible.

GST cancellation:

If the supplier intends to close his business or wants to sell the same then the GST registration has to be cancelled. The ABN will also be cancelled. This has to be done within 21 days of selling or closing the said business. In case if the supplier is altering the structure of the business such as an instance of partnership then in such circumstances also the GST will have to be cancelled. Cancellation of GST is an extremely simple process. All it requires is filling up of a form and sending it to ATO. It can be done via phone as well. Before cancellation all the returns must be filed and if there are any kind of dues the same has to be cleared. The last statement must also include the account of the supplier’s assets sale and also account of the sale of business. Only once this process is completed the supplier’s GST registration will be cancelled.


ATO has an amazing taxation support centre. It helps a supplier to gather all the information that is required about tax for smooth running of a business venture. There is also a separate section dedicated to small businesses. This section provides an insight on every detailing that is needed depending on the type of business the supplier operates. Based on the type of questions they have different helpline numbers where the supplier can talk directly with a representative and have their doubts clarified. Contact your accountant for assistance with your Tax Return Melbourne.

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