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Although this article based on restaurants but I know all of us know each and every detail about restaurants. Still I am going to write some details about restaurants as it may be a single place where you will get different types of details about restaurants.

So what is a restaurant?

Restaurant is a place where few people prepare different types of foods and drinks and sell those for a fixed amount of money. This business is known as restaurant business. Customers may need to pay money before taking foods or after taking meals. Most of the restaurants have a fixed place or premise where customers can eat foods. Obviously, most of the restaurants offer “take out” services also. So you may buy foods and drinks from a restaurant and can take them to your home or business area. Do you want home delivery system? Then don’t need to worry as few of the restaurants have home delivery system also. So you may order your desired foods and drinks to them through online or over the phone and they will bring your desired foods to your place.

Details of staffs:


Actually a chef is a professional cook of restaurant and the head cook of them is known as head chef. As some of the restaurants prepare special type of foods or cuisines so normally a chef is specialized on a special cuisine or item. A chef is the most important fact of a restaurant business. The business growth depends on food quality, taste and item.


A manager deals with the economical parts of this business. Normally customers need to pay to the manager for foods.

Waiter or waitress:

Actually these people serve foods to the customers. They are normally serving staff. The male serving staffs are known as waiter and female serving staffs are known as waitress. They are also important part of this business. They need to be polite and at the same time, the identity of a restaurant depends on the behavior of serving staffs. Tips are the main earning source of a serving staff. Normally restaurant authority doesn’t pay enough to the serving staffs and that is why serving staffs are completely dependable on tips.

Serving staffs have some responsibilities to impress the customers. Some of their duties includes:

  • Preparing a table for a meal
  • Taking orders from customers
  • Cleaning up table before serving foods
  • Serving foods and drinks
  • Cleaning table after serving foods and drinks

All of the restaurants have some people to wash and clean dishes, tables and floor of the restaurant.

Types of restaurants:

There are different types of restaurants depending on the cuisine and food item.  Depending on cuisine a restaurant can be

  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Italian
  • Indian
  • French
  • Local.

There are different types of restaurants depending on the style of offering such as a sushi train, tapas bar, a tastet restaurant, yum cha restaurant or a buffet restaurant. At the same time, depending on the location there are different types of restaurants as like as boat based restaurant, lake side restaurant, road side restaurant etc. Although restaurants can be divided depending on different types of things but customers love to select restaurants depending on cuisine.

Chinese cuisine is very famous in all over the world. That is why Chinese restaurants are very popular in all over the world. Although there are few similarities between Chinese and Thai cuisine but still Chinese restaurants are in the top of choice. Day by day, Indian cuisine is getting popularity in all over the Europe. In UK, there are lots of Indian restaurants. According some yellow pages, there are more than 1500 Indian restaurants in UK. Obviously it is not official statistics. On the other hand, Italian restaurants are popular in USA and North America. In US and Canada both Italian and Indian restaurants are becoming popular. If you want to taste something different then French restaurants are perfect. Taste the food of France and experience something exceptional. Besides these each and every region or country has some local food items and cuisine. At present there are lots of chain restaurants. They have branches at different cities in different countries. Some of them are really famous now. These chain restaurants follow a special type of food item which may be fast food, Chinese or any special cuisine.

If you love to travel then don’t miss the chance to taste the local food of a region or country. Some people say that restaurants and foods express the nature of a region or a country perfectly. Frankly, if you want to know the people’s nature of a place then simply visit the local restaurant, seriously, it works.


At present, lots of restaurants have started digital service. You can place order through their website and they will deliver your foods to your home within a short time. At the same time, they will allow you to pay through your credit cards so you can pay them easily for taking home delivery services. Some of the restaurants keep different types of indoor games and Television to entertain their customers as well as serving best foods.

At present restaurant owners are bring different types of useful changes to attract more clients. Some of the changes are working and still some of the changes are not so efficient to the owners. There are lots of things related to restaurants and it is really difficult to express all in a single article.

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